Top 4 Social Media Questions You Asked

Top 4 Social Media Questions You Asked - Content Queen

How do you maximise Facebook advertising results when you run a seasonal business? Can you sell luxury or high end products (or services) on Facebook or other social media networks? How do you reach mass audience with your lower price range products? How do you eliminate distraction and make your customer see your product (or service) only?

These are some of the questions I received during the Question and Action social media workshop with a bunch of small business owners last Saturday. Although we had 3 hours together to discuss, there were questions that kept coming up. I won’t go in depth on everything we discussed. So, in order to save your time today, I would like to answer 4 questions I noted during the workshop.

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Facebook Advertising for a Seasonal Business

If you sell a product (in order to save us time and space let’s agree to use the word product to mean product and/or service) that is in more demand during a particular time of the year, it can be a little stressful when the low season comes. How to tweak your promotional efforts in order to continue stable profit flow during the less profitable times?

No matter what product you sell, you can make it attractive to your customers any time of the year, regardless of what season it is. This is something I personally learnt from the old good journalism (and my 9 years of University): making particular stories sexy not because it is time for them to be published, but because someone wants them to be in the masses at a particular time. Sounds familiar? You want your seasonal products to be sexy all year around. Fair enough!

When it comes to Facebook advertising, plan ahead. Duh! You say. I mean it! If you’ve been in your business for some time and know when your sales go down (low season), plan your Facebook advertising creatives (aka content) in advance. Creatives often implies the image and the text you use to attract your market.

Facebook advertising allows you to target very narrow (and broad) audiences based on neighborhoods, cities, countries, professions, interests, etc. If you know that your market gets quiet in spring, for whatever reason, start talking to a different market, design different product or create new content placing a different angle on your offering.

The end goal is to solve your customers’ problems; and problems do not have seasons. However, each season would have a different problem. Can you tweak your product’s story a little to fit each problem/season?

Moreover, use the quiet time to plan for the next low season, and the next one, and the one after. Use the time to create new content, seek collaborations, expand into new markets and whatever else makes your business more awesome.

How to Sell Luxury Items using Social Media?

Facebook does not sell expensive items because people don’t usually buy a $200,000 car or a $3,000 cruise, or a $900 coat over the Internet with one click. More expensive purchases often require more complex decision making process, hence we don’t sell any of the items above online.

If you have a $20 workshop you won’t have problems selling it online; however, it is a different story with high-end luxury items. So, should you worry about selling your expensive products on Facebook? In short, Yes!

In order to sell your luxury product you need to let the world know you have it (after, of course, you learnt that they need it). Facebook advertising generates the traffic you need in order to  sell. The actual sale will depend on your sales people or website, depending where your advertising is pointing to.

Thus, when setting up your Facebook (or Instagram, Twitter, etc) advertising, have a clear vision of your end goal: i.e. why you are running the advertising. The end goal of your advertising would be not the sale (which is of course the end goal of your business) but to generate the traffic, grow database, etc.

In other words, Facebook advertising is advertising, not a sales person. Although it subsequently results in sales, the end goal of you particular ad must be one achievable and measurable step in your entire digital marketing strategy.

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How to Reach Larger Audience Through Facebook?

Another curious question I absolutely loved was the question about how to reach larger masses via Facebook advertising. If you are selling a very low price product and want to reach as many people as you can, what do you do to maximise your Facebook advertising results?

One of the more or less obvious ways is to place more money behind your Facebook advertising, expand your targeted audience (or go more specific), and also enter new markets. Paying more money would allow you to reach more people – it is just the way it is.

However, I would suggest to spread your eggs throughout several buckets instead of just paying more. Let me explain. Content marketing is hot. Storytelling is hot. Let’s leverage it.

Write different stories (within your brand) about your product, design multiple creatives (which is image and text), targeting slightly different markets. This will allow you to test which advertising and which markets work best for your product and will allow you to reach the right people in a more intimate way.

Landing Pages: Narrow Down Your Audience’s Attention

During the social media workshop I had a pleasure to speak at, a few people mentioned their lack of understanding how landing pages work so I decided to talk about it a little more.

The difference between your website and a landing page is simple: your website is most likely a noisy place whereas a landing page allows your visitors to focus on one offer only instead of getting distracted by the noisy elements of the page.

You can build as many landing pages as you want. The platforms my guests like are Insta Page and Lead Pages. I suggest you Google around for more options. Do your research.

Why would you want to build a landing page if you have a perfectly well running website? Any common website consist of a number of elements including your Home Page often full of text and a few images, About Us page, Contact Us, Services, maybe Testimonials, etc – this is what I call a very noisy place. Although you need each of the elements, when it comes to selling a particular product you need a well-focused space with your customers’ eyes on your product only. Therefore, you should build a landing page to push your best seller, design an awesome Facebook advertising and send your customers directly to the landing page to purchase the product, register their interest, get in touch, download your book, etc.

In other words, landing pages help your customers make faster purchase decisions without distractions.

If you have several best sellers you want to push, design several landing pages and multiple advertisement to promote them, maybe even sell them to different markets if this is the case. This will also help a little more confusing businesses (offering very different products) to become more defined and easier understood by their customers.

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Social media is one of many digital marketing tools. Although very powerful, it must be treated exactly like this – one of many tools. Once you decided that your audience uses social media, you’re ready to harness its endless powers. Social media content is best consumed when strategised, that is once your short term, long term goals are set up and themes are decided on. To avoid waking up in the morning in horror not knowing what to post, you can follow our easy and effective way of planning your social media activities.


Content marketing is like summer romance: first we spend time and effort getting to know each other, aka your perfect client, then you throw yourself into attracting their attention with presents, amazing sense of humor or maybe by fixing their car, aka designing engaging and useful content regularly; and eventually, like any summer romance, you sail apart letting the pleasant memories linger, aka reflecting on your campaigns measuring and reporting. The only difference here is that hopefully your perfect client sticks around for a long term relationship marrying your brand.


Branding is everything while also one of the hardest business entities to measure. Your branding is your feel and look; and you are not always able to track exact number of sales due to your brand ‘sexappeal’. However, you can set up indirect goals and be able to track how your branding generates revenue in the long run. Social media plays a big role in your branding as well as your logo, your office (if applicable), the way you greet people and all the small things you do.


“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”, -said Henry Ford. Business is often a lifestyle for many of us. However, it is not always all that pretty – there are bills to take care off, suppliers to deal with, customers to wow, staff to manage, branding to maintain, and marketing to implement…. While we also want to travel, spend time with our families and sometimes literally do nothing. How do you juggle it all? Business models vary greatly – some people might enjoy their ‘day job’ while running a small enterprise on the side, others leave it all behind to fully focus on their own operation, some travel the world while getting paid to Instagram their journeys and there are many more options to create your own business, just like designing your own life.