The Basics of Facebook Boosting

Back about 2 years ago, Facebook’s organic (unpaid) reach of your posts equated to 16% {on average}.  We are now talking 2,5-4%. This means that a large portion of your fanbase will not see the latest addition to your page and your hard work will go unnoticed. That sucks! But do not click off just yet.

If this year is the year of big guns marketing for your business,  Facebook boosting is the way to go.

But, boosting sucks!

I know many businesses have been disappointed with Facebook boosting. But why? I’ve talked to many business owners who found Facebook boosting about as useful as a king without a kingdom; a castle without a drawbridge; a fairytale without a villain.  You get the picture.

However, what they tried to boost (wasting their money in the process) were Facebook posts that didn’t perform well to start with.  There’s no use highlighting a video you’ve posted or a meme you’ve created, if no-one else really liked it in the first place.

Poor content doesn’t perform no matter how much money you pour into its boosting.

Before you decide to go on the boosting spree, decide on what you will be measuring such as demographics, time of the day when your page is at its busiest, likes and where they happened, unlikes and possible associated posts, etc. I’d also recommend going through your Facebook Audience Insights and if the Page is old enough, export different slices of data comparing the past tendencies.

Poor content doesn’t perform no matter how much money you pour into its boosting - Content QueenPoor content doesn’t perform no matter how much money you pour into its boosting 2 - Content Queen

Poor content doesn’t perform no matter how much money you pour into its boosting 3 - Content Queen


Because data is gold!

What next?

Target the right audience

You can do this based on age, gender, location and interests you are after. For example; perhaps you are selling a product used mostly by women in a certain age group.  If you target them specifically, you can be more confident that your reach is not wasted on a demographic that has absolutely no interest in what you are promoting. You can also choose if you’d like to boost to just the people who’ve liked your page, or both them AND their friends.

Sometimes, especially when you are trying it out for the first time, your demographics will be very basic such as the country you want and a few interests.

Target the right audience - Content Queen

Other time, you’ ll go much deeper and use Customer Audience or Look Alike Audience. When you create a Lookalike Audience is created out of your list of your existing customers (exported from your CRM, for example) using ‘Custom Audiences’. Once selected, use Lookalike Audiences to find people that resemble that audience. Facebook will take your list and look for these people alike.

Target the right audience 2 - Content QueenBoost your winning updates

Boost your winning updates - Content Queen

I mentioned earlier that poor content even boosted won’t work well. It’s always important to watch your page’s analytics (which you can find under the ‘Insights’ tab) before deciding what to boost. Something will definitely stand out. Have a browse.

At this stage, you can also choose the budget for your boost, your run dates and the boost’s duration. It may be wise to choose a duration that is more lengthy than a day or two.  With so much information being shared on any given day, you want to make sure your boosted post is noticed by as many people as possible.

Moreover, when you are boosting your content, it goes into the pool of bidding; and the auction begins. Sometimes, you’ll be competing with someone, for example, having more money or with better content and your ad will perform differently than any other day when different bidders are online. We are talking, a few billions of bids a day so if you think you can call in to the Facebook HQ and demand they tell you when is the best time to bid, you might not be very lucky. But let me know if you are – I’ll pay you for this sort of info. If you want to understand how Facebook advertising auction works, you may wait for my next blog coming soon or just research it yourself now.

Play by the rules

Quality is a big deal in social media meme - Content Queen

It’s also important to note, that you need to adhere to Facebook’s Advertising Policies. These include stipulations on using text on images, age-restricted material, prohibited content, etc.  There’s nothing worse than taking the time to create a post that won’t be accepted because you failed to do the research on what’s allowed.

This is a little bit of a vicious circle. You see, if your advertisement content isn’t good and consumers who view it don’t like it and maybe even ‘hide’, ‘flag’ it and/or use Facebook less (over time) which means that advertisers and business owners get less eyeballs for their buck which means they advertise less bringing less money into the Facebook’s pockets. You see, it is in the everyone’s interest to keep up the great work and follow the rules.

Delegate when possible

If you cannot view the video above for some odd {maybe tech} reason, you can find it here

This is something that comes a little uneasy to many of us. Your business is often your baby and putting it in the hands of other people can be traumatic to some. However, at some point in life we all start realising that we are not multi-head and multi-hand gods – we start outsourcing and delegating.

This is a skill! So, not everyone are extremely successful when it comes to allocating tasks to others. Things you’ve been doing by yourself for a number of months or years felt right and most likely came out of your head. Introducing a new person to your business means you now have to spend time educating them and getting used the fact that they are a human being of their own with their own ways of doing things.

But delegating work will free you to grow your business, get more creative or spend more time relaxing {because if you are stressed , your business is stressed}.

I believe everyone should wear each hat in their business but don’t get too comfortable with it. Facebook marketing is definitely worth understanding but once you got it – get someone else do it for you – invest your time in business expansion, strategic thinking and perhaps some time away.

For example, I once tried to submit my own tax and prepare other crucial financial documents. I was sure that understanding taxation will be of great value to me. Although finance is king in any business, I wasted weeks trying to learn a new trade which was not going to bring new sales through the doors, enrich my personal being or make my tax look any better. I never touch this department by myself anymore.

You cannot be everything in your business because you are most likely really good at just a few things. The rest is someone else’s business; thus the circle of businesses.

If you are unsure what to post on your social media channels,

download our 33 ideas for your posting planning

33 socal media ideas - content queen

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Social media is one of many digital marketing tools. Although very powerful, it must be treated exactly like this – one of many tools. Once you decided that your audience uses social media, you’re ready to harness its endless powers. Social media content is best consumed when strategised, that is once your short term, long term goals are set up and themes are decided on. To avoid waking up in the morning in horror not knowing what to post, you can follow our easy and effective way of planning your social media activities.


Content marketing is like summer romance: first we spend time and effort getting to know each other, aka your perfect client, then you throw yourself into attracting their attention with presents, amazing sense of humor or maybe by fixing their car, aka designing engaging and useful content regularly; and eventually, like any summer romance, you sail apart letting the pleasant memories linger, aka reflecting on your campaigns measuring and reporting. The only difference here is that hopefully your perfect client sticks around for a long term relationship marrying your brand.


Branding is everything while also one of the hardest business entities to measure. Your branding is your feel and look; and you are not always able to track exact number of sales due to your brand ‘sexappeal’. However, you can set up indirect goals and be able to track how your branding generates revenue in the long run. Social media plays a big role in your branding as well as your logo, your office (if applicable), the way you greet people and all the small things you do.


“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”, -said Henry Ford. Business is often a lifestyle for many of us. However, it is not always all that pretty – there are bills to take care off, suppliers to deal with, customers to wow, staff to manage, branding to maintain, and marketing to implement…. While we also want to travel, spend time with our families and sometimes literally do nothing. How do you juggle it all? Business models vary greatly – some people might enjoy their ‘day job’ while running a small enterprise on the side, others leave it all behind to fully focus on their own operation, some travel the world while getting paid to Instagram their journeys and there are many more options to create your own business, just like designing your own life.