Here is Why Snapchat is Not For You

Did I get your attention? If you are reading this, it must be working. Great titles make great clicks through and open rates; however can be a little bit deceitful. Yes, I lured you into this read; however do not click off just yet – you might love the following.

Snapchat has been on everyone’s lips (apart from those chasing Pokemons, of course). Everyone is getting on board. And, I think, loving it. I mean, haters gonna hate, we know that. Apart from the haters, the rest of us, we are just loving it. Or are we?

To be honest, we are not loving it, we are being taken by the ‘OMG we gotta be digital’ storm; and I have a feeling this is not Kansas anymore. Just like Periscope (and died our Meerkat), Snapchat has become the next must-have. However, I have a feeling that Pokemon Go is the next future now. Just kidding!

I am on Snapchat. I’ve even created a few snaps. Had a blast. However, I am not Snapchat built. And I am not afraid to admit it. Even excited to show you. If you have not been following me on Snapchat and missed out the last 24 hours, I put together a quick overview specifically for you. Enjoy!

Although I believe you can master anything in this life, it doesn’t mean you always have to. I think it takes a particular personality to be good at video related content. You must set your audience on fire (not literally, of course) with each piece. And if you don’t, you can, of course, bring someone on board who can if you’re more of a ‘do you wanna build a snowman’ kinda person rather than ‘we are the champions’ type.

The beauty of Snapchat is that it is very raw and incredibly apologising meaning you can run really poor quality videos, say stupid things and get away with it for some time. However, that won’t make your business dreams come true if this is what you are chasing.

While I am having fun on Snapchat I am not chasing business outcomes. And this is what I encourage you to do. Because while you are having fun learning a new piece of technology you are not afraid to get it wrong, because this is just for fun, right? If you are not afraid to stuff it up you will learn and you will benefit from your silly experience. As a result, you might collect fruitful business outcomes… as long as you are not chasing them through Snapchat.

A lot of [especially large] businesses often don’t allow any room for a mistake cutting air ways to innovation meaning no silly things on Snapchat, no experimenting with new eDMs, no outrageous design proposals or heavy implementations – stick to the course and continue sailing into… the nothing-ness, I guess. Or safety, as we usually say.

A few years ago I started my YouTube channel and produced a dozen of videos or so. It was so much fun. For me. Not so much for my audience. Even I often yawn when watch them. Did I waste my time? No! Of course, no. I tried out something I had zero knowledge of or experience in which forced me to learn the tech and the content side of things.

Moreover, I even got to interview a few content marketing stars and got a free (worth of $1,000) ticket to the Content Marketing Institute event in Sydney. All because I started my YouTube channel. And not because I had millions of subscribers (which I didn’t) but because it forced me to think differently, approach people, learn technology, put content together and sell myself (as an expert). I wasn’t a fraud (my YouTube expert-ness (-less) is open to public) but I was honest, passionate, eager to learn and I was making things happen.

While tech wasn’t so good, my marketing stars were real.

Note to myself, you can never overestimate the important of your clothes, make up and postures when on camera.

So here what happened… 

I got to learn how to save thousands of dollars on Public Relations while acquiring some serious publicity.

I found out how to squeeze your content on the pages of some most visited websites in the world.

I ‘tortured’ one of the media giants till I got some amazing storytelling tips from one of the founders.

And, of course, befriended my old time favorite content marketing frenzy, Jeff Bullas, collecting some awesome hacks which I later on adopted in my own work.

None of these videos are in the run for an Oscar but each of them took a considerable amount of preparation, shooting, editing, scripting, uploading, writing, etc which gifted me with the knowledge and experience you won’t have otherwise. Is Snapchat for you? I don’t know. But I am sure that it is worth taking it for a ride to lean the skills they didn’t teach you in school. New is always fearful, unusual and difficult to understand at first. However, it is much more difficult to know nothing and try to build your digital strategy on it. Be curious. Stay away from getting overwhelmed. Love figuring things out.

So, are you on Snapchat? Or Pokemon Go is your next big thing?

Whatever that is, take is easy, embrace and give it a go. Who knows, this must be your goldmine.

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Social media is one of many digital marketing tools. Although very powerful, it must be treated exactly like this – one of many tools. Once you decided that your audience uses social media, you’re ready to harness its endless powers. Social media content is best consumed when strategised, that is once your short term, long term goals are set up and themes are decided on. To avoid waking up in the morning in horror not knowing what to post, you can follow our easy and effective way of planning your social media activities.


Content marketing is like summer romance: first we spend time and effort getting to know each other, aka your perfect client, then you throw yourself into attracting their attention with presents, amazing sense of humor or maybe by fixing their car, aka designing engaging and useful content regularly; and eventually, like any summer romance, you sail apart letting the pleasant memories linger, aka reflecting on your campaigns measuring and reporting. The only difference here is that hopefully your perfect client sticks around for a long term relationship marrying your brand.


Branding is everything while also one of the hardest business entities to measure. Your branding is your feel and look; and you are not always able to track exact number of sales due to your brand ‘sexappeal’. However, you can set up indirect goals and be able to track how your branding generates revenue in the long run. Social media plays a big role in your branding as well as your logo, your office (if applicable), the way you greet people and all the small things you do.


“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”, -said Henry Ford. Business is often a lifestyle for many of us. However, it is not always all that pretty – there are bills to take care off, suppliers to deal with, customers to wow, staff to manage, branding to maintain, and marketing to implement…. While we also want to travel, spend time with our families and sometimes literally do nothing. How do you juggle it all? Business models vary greatly – some people might enjoy their ‘day job’ while running a small enterprise on the side, others leave it all behind to fully focus on their own operation, some travel the world while getting paid to Instagram their journeys and there are many more options to create your own business, just like designing your own life.