{Flash blog} Awesome Social Media Content is Hard and Here’s Why

Creating awesome social media posts is hard. Creating content worth your time is hard. Creating content worth anyone’s time is hard.

If you really think about the accounts people genuinely follow, you’ll discover Katy Perry Instagram, Astro_Mike Twitter, NASA Snapchat, Joe Rogan Facebook and a whole bunch of comedians, scientists, travel and fashion bloggers and a few food porn and nudity accounts, of course.

Mike Massimio Twitter account - Content Queen
Joe Rogan Facebook account - Content Queen

NASA Snapchat - Content Queen

Neither Mike nor Katy Perry, Joe Rogan or NASA social media managers spent a few hours putting ‘this will do’ posts together, published for a few days and gained this amazing traction. They all have been adding value, creating content and posting, posting, posting for a number of years. Before that, there was nothing.

I’ve noticed many small business owners are expecting stars from social media but continue getting a few lifeless rocks instead. Why?

Before Mike Massimino became Astro Mike, he was just Mike, no one even heard of Joe Rogan and there was no NASA  before 29 July 1958. Only through hard work, many hours, days and years of adding value and regular posting, each of these brands (whether individuals or organisations) have become the stars they are now. None of them woke up one morning with one million people devotedly stalking them online. Most likely, their first few days, months and years looked very different from today with only immediate family caring for their tweets.

Yes, these are big names. But they were not big before they became big. Everyone starts somewhere.

However, modern small business owners demand to be big now, seek instant sales and gratification. This often upsets me because I am aware that they are going to be disappointed.

We all are busy. We have lives. Jobs. Children. Dogs. Hobbies. TV shows. Things to do. Time to kill. Careers to grow. Etc etc etc. We don’t always have enough time and attention to think about our next marketing step. But not thinking about it reduces our chances of being noticed. And when we do think about our business’ marketing all we can think about is sales, ROIs, KPIs, and many other abbreviations and concepts. But people are no numbers.

People only really care about things that are relevant and things that touch their lives. And things that really touch our lives are not usually the things we sell.

This doesn’t mean you cannot make an impact. This doesn’t mean that social media is a pile of BS. And it doesn’t mean that you are doomed from ever becoming a star. This doesn’t mean you cannot be one of these grand social media accounts {and awesome brands} providing mind blowing value, followed and shared by millions. You surely can! However, this might require some work on your expectations and business goals.

To get you started, check out the What Actually Works on Social Media blog which reveals a few types of social media posts that generate a lot more love on the Internet.

To add a little more value to your learning, we’ve put together these 33 social media suggestions for your digital posting. It’s your time to shine!

33 socal media ideas - content queen

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Social media is one of many digital marketing tools. Although very powerful, it must be treated exactly like this – one of many tools. Once you decided that your audience uses social media, you’re ready to harness its endless powers. Social media content is best consumed when strategised, that is once your short term, long term goals are set up and themes are decided on. To avoid waking up in the morning in horror not knowing what to post, you can follow our easy and effective way of planning your social media activities.


Content marketing is like summer romance: first we spend time and effort getting to know each other, aka your perfect client, then you throw yourself into attracting their attention with presents, amazing sense of humor or maybe by fixing their car, aka designing engaging and useful content regularly; and eventually, like any summer romance, you sail apart letting the pleasant memories linger, aka reflecting on your campaigns measuring and reporting. The only difference here is that hopefully your perfect client sticks around for a long term relationship marrying your brand.


Branding is everything while also one of the hardest business entities to measure. Your branding is your feel and look; and you are not always able to track exact number of sales due to your brand ‘sexappeal’. However, you can set up indirect goals and be able to track how your branding generates revenue in the long run. Social media plays a big role in your branding as well as your logo, your office (if applicable), the way you greet people and all the small things you do.


“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”, -said Henry Ford. Business is often a lifestyle for many of us. However, it is not always all that pretty – there are bills to take care off, suppliers to deal with, customers to wow, staff to manage, branding to maintain, and marketing to implement…. While we also want to travel, spend time with our families and sometimes literally do nothing. How do you juggle it all? Business models vary greatly – some people might enjoy their ‘day job’ while running a small enterprise on the side, others leave it all behind to fully focus on their own operation, some travel the world while getting paid to Instagram their journeys and there are many more options to create your own business, just like designing your own life.